Tiny Hand With Heart

22. April 2013

Sunny Monday

A sunny walk on Monday

well, it was sunny monday morning today! who would miss and not enjoy having a nice sunny walk through the park? me, never! so, i put some clothes on,

i just gave a quick sweep of blush over my cheeks - love it!


rouge eintragen

where are my earrings.. here they are!

schmuck aufbewahrung
schmuck aufbewahrung dose

after that, i put my lovely shoes on

schuhe leopardenmuster

i quickly grabbed my jacket


and ready to go!

outfit casual

what i first saw were these cute tiny white wood flowers..

frühling blümen
blümen am schloss charlottenburg
weiße blümen
weiße waldblümen

on my way to the park - a cherry tree full of spring blossoms - gorgeous!




there were also many bees humming around :) 

blossom tree

the eye of the tiger :)

the eye of the tiger plant

cute violet miniflowers

violet miniflowers


blühende bäume
blühende bäume im schlosspark
blühende bäume
blühende bäume

smells like a perfume

frühling in charlottenburg

on my way, i accidentally almost bumped into a snail which seemed stuck to the bark of the tree..

schnecke am baum

and another one..there were actually many of them


dance of the twigs

blüten frühling

just lovely!


small trees full of white spring blossoms.

bäume im park

and more of them..

spaziergang im park

a row of young trees 


violets coming out of wood foliage


 on my way back home - yellow - blossomed bush

yellow blossomed bush

at home i was given this lovely pink rose.. i couldn't be happier :)!!! loveyou!

pink rose


21. April 2013

Hausgemachte torte nach eigenem rezept

Hausgemachte Torte - leicht und lecker!

Homemade, lecker, luftig, einfach - so schmeckt die torte, die ich gern mache - meine samstagsgenusstorte. 

was ihr braucht: lust und spass! zusätzlich noch eier, mehl, braunzucker, milch, kokosfett, vanilla und bananen! dekostreusel nach wunsch..

Dreh Film Torte

Blatt 1
hausgemachte tortehausgemachte tortencreme
tortencreme vanillebananentorte
obsttortetorte mit bananen
hausgemachte torte nach bulgarisches rezept

Blatt 2
torte mit drei stufen
torte blatt zweihausgemachte torte anleitung
tortencreme mit vanillehausgemachte tortencreme mit kokosfett
leckeres rezept bananentorterezept torte
torte selber machen

Blatt 3
torte blatt dreileckere hausgemachte torte
leichte torteleichte bananentorte
banana cakehome made cake
home made cake creamvanilla cake cream
banana cake

 Letzter Touch..
torten dekorieren
dekostreusel buntdekostreusel kugel
Make every day a lovely day!
make every day a lovely day
make every day a lovely day